KTF launches 2016 Tax Time Appeal with e-catalogue

KTF 2016 Tax Time Appeal Catalogue

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On Tuesday KTF launched their 2016 Tax Time Appeal with an easy to navigate e-catalogue. The catalogue features a variety of ‘shop’ items, donors can purchase in support of their projects in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

KTF has seen an incredible shift from offline to online donations over the past two years and therefore decided to move away from printed mailings.

KTF’s CEO, Genevieve Nelson, says: “Our Tax Time and Christmas campaign are the most successful campaigns we run. Since the shift from offline to online donations was so significant, we felt the time was right to stop producing printed mail outs. We also like to do our bit for the environment.”

This year’s Tax Time Appeal focuses on immediate needs of families and children in the villages KTF works. The public can purchase items such as medical supplies for an Aid Post or a Health Centre, which often goes without resources for months. Or Garden Starters to establish food gardens at the Kokoda College (KTF’s flagship project). This nursery will produce resilient crops that withstand extreme weather conditions such as droughts, floods and cyclones, which are prevalent in PNG.

“More than 40% of Papua New Guineas live under the poverty line. They struggle to access basic health and education services and have difficulties finding paid employment. We run sustainable, community-owned programs. Programs that are designed to improve the lives and futures of people living in rural and remote communities. We aim to bring vital services to where they are needed most. I want to ask people to dig deep this Tax Time and assist us in creating better lives for many in PNG”, Nelson concluded.

KTF’s e-catalogue items reflect all of the different areas KTF work in – Education, Health, Livelihoods and Leadership. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.