KTF is excited to announce its suite of projects for 2018. Over the next 12 months, KTF will be implementing 18 projects across 16 provinces in Papua New Guinea – our largest number to date! The 18 projects comprise both existing and new projects across our four main program areas of Education, Health, Livelihoods and Leadership.

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  1. Teach for Tomorrow – KTF is continuing to deliver its urgent training for all partially-trained elementary teachers across PNG. Over tha past 15 months, we have trained 2,290 elementary teachers across 10 Provinces. In 2018 we will roll out the training to another 1,500 elementary teachers across Sandaun, Hela, Southern Highlands and Enga Provinces so that they can become certified and posted to paid positions in rural and remote schools across PNG.
  2. Teach for Tomorrow II – Elementary and primary teachers in remote and rural PNG often have no access to mentors, professional development and ongoing skills strengthening opportunities. Following on from our successful undergraduate teacher training program, KTF will continue to work with the teachers it has trained in 2018, providing them with professional development opportunities, training and mentoring, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to provide the best possible learning environments to their students.
  3. FODE – KTF is continuing to deliver the Flexible Open Distance Education program at the Kokoda College. FODE is open to students who have not completed their grade 12 schooling, often due to financial difficulties and limited access to positions in high schools. FODE is upskilling and upgrading student’s grades from Grade 10 to 12, enabling them to enter into tertiary teaching and health courses at the Kokoda College.
  4. Kokoda College: School of Education – KTF will open the School of Education at the Kokoda College in 2018 and will deliver the new 12-month residential Certificate in Elementary Teaching, creating a new cohort of highly skilled elementary teachers for rural PNG.
  5. PNG Schools Project – KTF will continue to support the operations and infrastructure of 46 elementary and primary schools across the Kokoda Track and Tufi catchment regions in 2018. This support provides school supplies, stationery, infrastructure and maintenance materials, teacher resources and sporting equipment. In addition to school resources, KTF is continuing to support the postings of 19 elementary and primary teachers across the Kokoda Track and up to the Northern Beaches. KTF will also construct a new double classroom in Alola Village, situated along the Kokoda Track.


  1. Healthy Communities – KTF will support 8 health centres and aid posts across the Central and Oro Provinces with quarterly deliveries of drugs and medical resources. In addition to this, KTF will provide ongoing support to Kokoda Hospital with regular provision of supplies and medical equipment; and will respond to any periods of shortage or emergency. KTF will continue to employ Community Health Workers in Buna, Sogeri and Kokoda and will engage two new CHWs for posting in Kagi and Naduri aid posts along the Kokoda Track.
  2. Kokoda College – School of Health – KTF will facilitate post graduate short courses at the Kokoda College throughout the year. These courses will include rural first aid training and eye care specialty training. KTF will begin building a library of health resources in preparation for the official opening of the Diploma course in Community Health Work later in 2018.
  3. Eye See PNG – following a successful pilot in 2017, KTF will continue to run its post-graduate eye health specialty training course for Community Health Workers. This training enables CHWs to identify eye issues, treat eye issues and accurately refer patients who require additional treatment. KTF will take the training to 60 health workers across four provinces in 2018.
  4. 4ize – This year we are partnering with 4ize, to trial and test an innovation designed to accurately test eyes and dispatch glasses to patients in rural and remote areas in PNG. This state-of-the-art technology is currently under development and KTF will be the first to trial the technology – a PNG and global first.
  5. Behive – an online mental health resource providing assistance to young Papua New Guineans. Behive was developed by former KTF Archer Leader, Sebangaz Siming, and is the first of its kind in PNG. The website is dedicated to providing information, support and pathways to young Papua New Guineans dealing with mental health challenges.
  6. UniMums – KTF will continue to support and partner with UniMums, a start-up NGO developed by former KTF Archer Leader, Tess Gizoria. UniMums was established to provide psycho-social support to young mothers and pregnant women who are attending school or university. This support enables them to continue their studies, undertake extra tutoring activities, seek support from their peers, access physical resources such as baby goods and run outreach programs on domestic based violence and young mother support. KTF will continue its support of UniMums in 2018 by providing financial support, mentoring and resources.


  1. Light Up PNG – KTF will work with 7 of its established women’s groups across Oro, New Ireland and Bougainville to further enhance the business skills and earning opportunities for women in these rural and remote regions. KTF will also establish an additional 4 new women’s groups where women can sell solar products to earn alternative income streams for themselves, their families and their communities. Light Up PNG provides microbusiness and financial literacy training and start-up capital to women in remote communities across PNG.
  2. SolarBuddy – in partnership with KTF’s charity partner, SolarBuddy.org, KTF will distribute over 10,000 hand-held, individually owned solar lights to children right across Papua New Guinea. These lights will reduce reliance on toxic kerosene and dangerous campfires, and will enable children to complete their homework after dark and provide safety outside of the home.
  3. Village Connect – KTF will install solar powered household lighting and energy systems onto every house in four villages along the Kokoda Track. With only 5% of the PNG rural population connected to the electricity grid, these kits provide an energy source to charge phones and radios on as well as three indoor lights and one extra bright outdoor light.
  4. The SOAP Project – Sustainable Opportunities After Prison is an initiative of KTF Archer Leader, Richard Favave. The SOAP Project works with women from Kavieng Prison to make soap, utilising many ingredients from their natural surroundings. The soap is coconut-based and will be sold across PNG with all profits being invested into improving the living conditions of the women in prison. All women will be given a start-up kit to take home when they are leave the prison so that they can commence their own micro business and earn a living.


  1. Archer Leadership Program – now in its eighth year, KTF is finding and fostering 8 new young leaders from tertiary institutions across PNG. The program itself was designed and developed by KTF and is based on Harvard’s Adaptive Leadership theory. Archer leaders participate in intensive leadership development sessions in Port Moresby and Australia. They will again travel to Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne on a two-week exchange program where they are put into challenging situations analysing some of the most pressing social issues facing both Australia and PNG. They meet great leaders from all walks of life, complete work experience and receive an allowance to purchase professional development and educational resources. The leaders are each matched with a high-profile mentor who they link in with each fortnight throughout their final year of university and complete work experience in PNG at the conclusion of the program. Archer leaders are also given a grant to spend on their own community development project, allowing them to create positive change right across PNG.
  2. Archer Conference – for the first time ever, KTF will facilitate the Archer Leaders Conference in Port Moresby in September 2018. The event will bring together the Archer Alumni from the past 8 years. The alumni will be connected to professionals and leaders from a range of social and professional circles and will facilitate networks, professional development, and the setting of the alumni’s vision for PNG.
  3. Konect – is a professional networking initiative started by former Archer leaders Jerome Sesega and Johnetta Lili (who was also the recipient of the Queens Young Leaders award in 2017.) The project aims at making connections between university students and industry leaders via a web-based mentoring program.