Our Vision, Mission, Values and Goals


Our vision is to be a trusted, caring and innovative organisation. We contribute to a flourishing PNG, whose people enjoy liberty through unfettered access to healthcare, education and human rights and thrive as a respected nation in the Asia Pacific region.


Our mission is to work to improve the wellbeing and futures of the Papua New Guinean people. We assist with education and healthcare, by respecting customs and the environment. We improve livelihoods and fostering the next generation of leaders. We keep the story of Kokoda alive. We do this without discrimination and irrespective of religion, race or political affiliation.


Five values guide KTF:

  1. Integrity: The resources at our disposal are not our own. We ensure that we act with the utmost integrity in all scenarios: In our aid and development work in PNG and in our fundraising, marketing and administration in Australia.
  2. Perseverance: We understand and respect the challenging environment of working in aid and development in Papua New Guinea. KTF is committed to improving the lives and futures of our nearest neighbours. We do this with and with patience, perseverance and creativity, and do everything in our power to deliver on that commitment.
  3. Compassion: KTF works alongside communities, seek a thorough understanding of their needs, and respond with programs and projects in partnership with people. We do this with empathy and compassion.
  4. Ingenuity: Whether it is our aid and development work in PNG, or our marketing and fundraising activities in Australia, we always strive to be as resourceful and transparent as possible. We overcome hurdles and work towards solutions with optimism and ingenuity.
  5. Mateship: The people of Papua New Guinea are our nearest neighbours and our friends. Our supporters entrust us to honour this friendship in the same spirit of mateship that was at work during the Kokoda Campaign.


  1. Grow a sustainable and thriving development organisation with strong influence in PNG and Australia
  2. Scale the organisation’s best practice projects across PNG
  3. Substantially contribute to the raising of educational, health and livelihood outcomes of the PNG people
  4. Find and foster the next generation of PNG leaders
  5. Keep the spirit of Kokoda alive