• Fundraising

    Fundraising for KTF

    You can do amazing things to fundraise for PNG – celebrate your birthday, shave your head, lose weight, run a marathon, or walk the Kokoda Track! Our supporters have done some pretty cool things to raise money for Papua New Guinea - and they’re thinking of new things to do every day.

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  • Corporate partnerships

    Become a corporate partner and help families and children in PNG to create a better future

    Engagement can be as simple as a one-off donation to KTF, to a multi-year strategic approach across programs. We assist corporate partners identify priorities; align programs with areas of interest, and measure impact. With four tiers of corporate partnerships; platinum, gold, silver, and bronze, we have options to match your needs.

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  • Volunteer

    Volunteer for KTF in PNG

    Volunteer with KTF: We engage skilled volunteers because of their passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and experience. Volunteers assist us by giving time, skills, goods or money. Above all volunteers allow us to address more issues within PNG than might otherwise be possible.

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  • Donate

    Donate today and help to people of PNG to create a better future

    When you donate, you're giving people a real and lasting way out of poverty. Your donation will be used to fund our work, be it providing children with a quality education or ensuring communities have access to medicines and healthcare. With your support we can achieve lasting change.

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