Volunteer for KTF in PNG

People from all walks of life volunteer with us, and for a variety of reasons. Students and young people volunteer to gain work experience and skills to help them gain employment, and we have many who are employed who bring a wealth of skill, knowledge and experience with them.We engage volunteers with passion, knowledge, skills and experience. The help of volunteers allows us to free up our time and address more issues in PNG than otherwise possible.

Want to use your time and talent to help KTF?

At KTF you gain great satisfaction from putting your existing skills to good use. You directly support our cause to improve the livelihoods of the families and children in PNG. In the past we have benefited from the help of graphic designers, lawyers, photographers, business analysts, engineers, video producers, accountants and builders to name but a few.

Your time and commitment is invaluable to us. Volunteers change the world!

Graphic designer