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Very few books are written for PNG children of any age telling their own stories and written by their own people. KTF in partnership with SEAM Fund are working with communities, families, children and teachers to create culturally relevant books – written and illustrated by children and teachers in KTF supported schools.

Community leaders see Making Books as a way to collect and preserve cultural knowledge that has been handed down over generations through oral stories and teaching about cultural life from the making of art and artefacts, to knowledge about plants, the use and maintenance of forest resources, house making, canoe making, gardening, fishing, etc. With the rapid rise of mobile technologies, social media, and the lure of the towns, there is a very real danger of this knowledge becoming under-valued and lost. In remote villages almost all women over 60, and most men, are non-literate. Their minds and their memories are repositories of knowledge and wisdom, to which Making Books can give new shape and purpose.

Your donation will help to create a new book, print it and share it amongst a handful of schools throughout the Oro Province.

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