Establish a women’s business



The main source of income across PNG is subsistence farming. Little other income generating opportunities exist in rural and remote areas of PNG.

Over the past several years, KTF has been product testing the Solar Muscle Light – a sustainable, powerful and durable device that can light up a small area and enable children to complete homework, women to collect water safely and families to cook at night.

Your donation will establish a new solar women’s business in PNG, providing a new source of income and a clean energy source for villagers to purchase. The women will form themselves as a group and be trained by KTF in micro-business skills and book-keeping. They will receive startup hardware capital from KTF, work together to sell the solar lights at nearby markets and reinvest some of their profit back into the business.

All purchases from the online store are tax-deductible donations in Australia. You will receive a tax receipt once your gift purchase is complete. Thank you!

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