Medical Supplies for Kokoda College Aid Post



Our Kokoda College Aid Post desperately needs your help


Many aid posts in the Kokoda region are closing their doors due to a lack of medicine and supplies. This could not come at a worse time, as this rainy season has seen a significant increase in the number of sick children, particularly cases of children under 5 years old suffering from malaria, meningitis, and pneumonia. Election-related health emergencies are also adding additional stress to the region’s health services.

The major hospital in the area is in such disarray that recently, when a vehicle skidded off the road and ran over a 14 year old boy, smashing one of his legs completely, the Kokoda Hospital ambulance driver rushed him to Kokoda Hospital only to find that there were no First Aid supplies, pain-killers, or alcohol for sterilization. They then had to travel another 3 hours to different hospital for treatment.

There was another case in the Kou Kou village, where the chief’s daughter nearly died due to fluid loss after 2 and a half days in labour. The hospital lacked the drugs necessary to help her deliver quickly, so the medical officer had to ask women from the village to assist the woman in labour with traditional, medicinal herbs and leaves to help the woman deliver her daughter.

People in the area are now flocking to KTF’s Kokoda College Aid Post in huge numbers. As a result, KTF has had to triple the amount of medical supplies provided to the aid post and needs your help to keep up with the demand for treatment. Without your help, patients will have to travel for hours on expensive and uncomfortable vehicles to the Province’s capital in Popondetta.