Help keep Kokoda College open



The Kokoda College –  Rural PNG’s leading pre-service teacher-training and community health worker training facility preparing urgently needed teachers and community health workers for across the country.

In education, the College offers a bespoke 40-week teacher-training course as opposed to the PNG standard of 6-weeks. Teachers who graduate from Kokoda College are better equipped to teach in rural and remote locations and provide children with superior educational outcomes.

In health, the curriculum is currently being developed by a group of PNG & Australian passionate medical professionals. The School of Health is due to open later this year.

In order for all of this to operate successfully, we need your help. Expenses at the college include the wages of the cooks and maintenance officer, food for the students, fuel for the generator to continue construction and maintain the buildings and of course general living expenses (the most important being toilet paper!)

Your donation will go along way towards graduating new teachers and community health workers for the country.

All purchases from the online store are tax-deductible donations in Australia. You will receive a tax receipt once your gift purchase is complete. Thank you!

If you have any questions please contact us.

ABN: 45 103 660 948