Archer Leadership Scholarships

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“Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.” Brian Tracy

Leadership matters, particularly in the developing world. In PNG, leaders shape economic conditions, affect the quality of governance and impact the prospects for further development.

Our Project

KTF is finding and fostering the next generation of PNG’s leaders. Each year, KTF awards ‘Archer Scholarships’ to six final year tertiary students who have demonstrated unquestioned commitment to their studies, communities and country. Our scholarship program helps to develop the confidence, networks, skills, resources and support systems to practice and exercise exceptional leadership. By exposing them to new and challenging environments and partnering them with senior mentors, our scholars enhance their leadership and professional skills. Their year-long experiential leadership journey as ‘Archer Scholars’ results in extraordinary young graduates, with lasting networks and the ability and willingness to create much needed change in PNG.


The impact of the Archer Scholarship on its recipients has been profound.

“…Before the program I thought you’d get a degree and work. Now I’ve changed my mindset. I’m partly passionate about making a change in PNG and partly want to network outside of PNG to better understand what I could do in the community. The program has made me feel more responsible for my country [in the future]…”
Female Archer Alumni, 2015 cohort

  • Since 2011, scholarships have been offered to 41 final year tertiary students in PNG.
  • All Archer Scholarship alumni have expressed a desire to remain in PNG and address community problems.
  • 94% of alumni believe the Archer Scholarship had a positive impact on their belief in the own leadership skills.
  • 76% of alumni believe the Archer Scholarship changed the direction of their life and goals.
  • 68% of alumni have become more active in their own community since the Archer Scholarship program.

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