PNG Schools Project

Location: Central and Oro Provinces

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” Malala Yousafzai

Schools in rural and remote PNG are often rickety buildings without walls. Classrooms echo with the absence of chairs and desks. Children sit on the floor before a teacher who doesn’t have adequate training, support nor learning resources.

Our project

Accessing quality education is an ongoing challenge for parents in PNG. KTF is commited to establishing and improving school infrastructure and providing school grants that provide supplies, key resources and help schools to remain open across remote areas.

KTF’s PNG Rich Learning Environments project partners with schools and communities and empowers school leaders, teachers and children to shape their own future. We do this by:


Recently, KTF has:

  • Constructed eight permanent classrooms across the Kokoda Track and its catchment region and the Kokoda College School of Education and School of Health.
  • Delivered a bi-annual supply of educational resources to 31 elementary schools and 17 primary schools across the Kokoda Track and its catchment region.
  • Funded 20 teacher postings in 18 elementary schools across the Kokoda Track and its catchment region. Many of these teachers have completed further teacher training and certification which enables them to access Government payroll positions from 2017 and KTF is playing a key role in facilitating this transfer.
  • Conducted maintenance across nine schools including solar projects for three schools and water projects for six schools.
  • Provided professional development training and mentoring to teachers from 14 different schools.
  • Established school-based micro-enterprises whereby schools sell solar lights to communities and visitors to earn a regular income for the operations of their school.

Funding Status


Project Status