Location: Multiple Provinces Across Papua New Guinea

We have partnered with our friends at, to change the lives of tens of thousands of children in PNG, bringing durable, sustainable, solar lights to children living in remote areas. These lights are currently being distributed to school children in Central, Oro, New Ireland, East Sepik, Enga, Morobe, Milne Bay, Manus, Simbu, and Gulf Provinces and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

In order to light up the lives of tens of thousands of children across PNG, we are working closely with SolarBuddy – an Australian charity that seeks to eliminate energy poverty across the world. SolarBuddy engages schools and corporates in Australia who fundraise and assemble solar lights which are then distributed to schools in PNG whose students are desperately in need of reliable light sources.

Children across both countries learn about energy poverty, solar technology solutions, and how to assemble and maintain solar lights. Students in Australia learn about the geography, culture, history and people of Papua New Guinea; and the PNG children learn about the schools and children in Australia who have donated the solar lights.

Solar technology lighting solutions change lives. Their introduction in rural communities means that the evening hours, which were previously often unproductive times for many families, can now be utilised; that children will be safer walking to-and-from school, to the latrine, and around their village; that community members no longer have to suffer the adverse affects of burning kerosene lamps in their homes; and that, in brightening the night, we are providing hope for brighter future for the children of PNG.

To date, we have distributed over 6,000 SolarBuddy lights to children and schools in rural areas throughout PNG. Our distribution to date has been to the following regions:

  • Oro Province – 2,130 lights
  • Central Province – 650 lights
  • Gulf Province – 40 lights
  • Autonomous Region of Bougainville – 170 lights
  • Milne Bay Province – 120 lights
  • Morobe Province – 540 lights
  • New Ireland Province – 727 lights
  • East Sepik Province – 200 lights
  • NCD – 800 lights
  • Enga Province – 450 lights
  • Simbu Province – 570 lights