Solar Kids

Location: Multiple Provinces Across Papua New Guinea

In partnership with, KTF’s Solar Kids project will bring durable, sustainable, solar lights to children across Papua New Guinea. The program is currently operates in the Oro and New Ireland Provinces, and should expand into the Autonomous Region of Bougainville soon.

Solar Kids pairs an Australian school willing to sponsor a shipment of lights with a school in PNG whose students are desperately in need of reliable light sources. Participating Australian schools will fundraise and purchase the lights from, who will first teach students how to assemble the lights, and then discuss the importance of solar energy sources. Students will also learn about the history and people of Papua New Guinea. Once this session is complete, the lights will be loaded up, and delivered to the designated Papua New Guinean school by KTF, where they will be distributed to the students.

In administering a clean source of sustainable energy to  these students and their families, Solar Kids gives each child the ability to study during the events. It means that the evening hours, which were previously unproductive times for many families, can now be utilised; that children will be safer walking to-and-from school and around their village; that Papua New Guineans who have a light no longer have to suffer the adverse affects of burning kerosene lamps in their homes; and that, in brightening the night, we are providing hope for brighter future for the children of PNG.